Plastic planters are popular with gardeners everywhere because they are a cheap essential designed to maximise value and visual appeal so retailers can sell their plants within decorative pots.

Many garden centres stock different kinds of plastic planter in various designs, colours and textures. Some customers prefer plastic planters that look very much like terracotta or stone, as they can use them without lifting excess weight, worrying about damage due to freezing weather, or hefty price tags. Due to their low price point, they’re a great choice for plant nurseries for adding commercial value and aesthetic appeal to plants before retailing. They can also be used for growing and storing plants before retailing them to customers, or for garden centres who want to sell a large volume of affordable planters available to shoppers (or for their own growing purposes).

If you choose to stock plastic planters as a garden retailer, a main selling point to customers is that they are both lightweight and durable enough to be used time and again, and will in many cases outlive other pots made from more fragile materials. Modern techniques have also made it possible for many varied and fashionable products to be produced to enhance the range available to customers. They are versatile, and can be used as window boxes or in other places around the home or garden. You can advise shoppers that it is also very easy to transplant plants to and from plastic planters because the roots don’t fix to the sides or absorb moisture from them.


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