Wicker plant baskets are decorative planters that look great on any patio or inside. Moisture retention and waterlogging can be an issue, so it is important to advise customers on proper drainage when planting flowers. As it is not unusual for retailers to sell wicker baskets with a plastic lining already positioned inside, the customer would need to decide whether drainage holes are needed in the plastic liner. If a wicker basket is being used for dried arrangements or pot covers, no drainage will be required. A live arrangement outside however will need holes piercing the bottom of the plastic liner. Wicker plant baskets are relatively inexpensive, so make a good choice for plant nurseries to add easy value to plants by growing and storing plants inside before retailing to customers. They are also useful to garden centres who want a large volume of affordable decorative planters based on consumers’ needs and current gardening trends/fashions.

Many retailers like to sell wicker baskets with plastic lining already fitted. If however a customer would prefer to do this themselves, always advise shoppers to line the inside of the wicker basket with a plastic planter liner or bin bag. Cut the liner or bag to cover the inside bottom and about 3 inches up the sides of the wicker basket. Glue to the wicker with strong glue and allow to dry. Next, you could suggest adding a layer of grit inside the basket for added moisture retention (you only need to cover the bottom with a single layer).

Advise customers to always plant up to 1-inch beneath the rim of the basket, as this will allow extra space for watering and avoid excess spillage over the top of the basket and added loss of soil.


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