With Christmas Day just around the corner, your customers will no doubt have a long list of ‘to dos’ to get ready for the big day. They’ll therefore want to make quick work of sorting out the garden, so they can put their feet up for a while and enjoy a festive break. One of the main garden jobs to get out of the way this winter will be pruning.

Our range of pruning knives with hardwood or nylon handles, as well as our Felco saws, are ideal for customers looking to prune their apple and pear free-standing bushes or trees. These will need a prune this winter if their initial framework of branches has already formed.

Now is also the last chance for customers to prune acers, birches, and vines to avoid bleeding – that is a leakage of sap that can be as slight as seeping or as much as a thick flow. Bleeding naturally heals over time and most often is not harmful but on occasion prolonged bleeding can reduce the vigour of the tree or shrub. By pruning now, before mid- to late winter or early spring, bleeding can be kept to a minimum.

A sturdy, sharp set of secateurs will also come in handy for customers wishing to take hardwood cuttings. With leaf fall all but done, now is the time to get started on those. So order in our range of Felco secateurs, which includes economy models, as well as professional, compact, and original models.

With the pruning out of the way, don’t forget to remind your customers to check that their plants are protected for the cold snap and biting winds. If they find their frost protection or windbreaks are not up to scratch, offer them our frost protection fleece and windbreaker netting.

With these items in stock, you can ensure your customers are set for winter and can enjoy peace of mind as they gaze out at their garden this Christmas.