Wholesale Root Pouches

JFH Horticulture can supply you with root pouch fabric pots made from natural fabric to help improve all your plant root systems. We offer a wide range of root pouch including the hedge pouch, the natural root pouch, the non-degradable root pouch, and the in-ground root pouch.
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Depending on what you are looking for, JFH offers degradable, and non-degradable types of root pouch. The hedge pouch is particularly useful for growers who would like to grow their shrubs in the ground. Retailers can supply this product to garden centres who may wish to sell it to small scale gardeners for planting of flowers and vegetables. Our pouches are available wholesale and are great for retailers and flower growers as they open up a whole new way of growing. The natural root pouches are available in a beautiful black colour while the non-degradable type is available in a variety of colours including red, brown and green. For growers who wish to have a colourful garden season after season can choose the non-degradable root pouch. Our products are made of quality material, perfect for hydroponic and outdoor growing systems. All stitches are well reinforced to produce a stronger, sturdier bag. Check out our wide range of wholesale root pouch to find the right ones for your projects. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just get in touch with us and our team will help source them for you. Give our staff a call on 01270 212726 or email us