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Every gardener values quality gardening gloves. With a decent pair of gardening gloves, hands will be protected during any horticultural work, making the experience more pleasurable and safer for all concerned.
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Gloves keep hands safe from thorny plants that can cause injury. They will also protect from plants which may be irritating to the skin. The garden itself may have sharp edges of ornamental grass, and there are splinters and sunburn which can all be avoided with the use of gloves. Gloves also prevent blisters which can result due to hard work. JFH Horticultural are garden gloves wholesalers, and we supply high-quality protective clothing, including top quality, functional and durable garden gloves. We are a well-established gardening clothing supplier and have been providing professional growers for over 40 years. Our garden gloves wholesalers range comprises products such as latex gloves (powder-free and lightly powdered), Nitrile Spray gauntlet and gloves, Rigger gloves, Showa gloves, and vinyl gloves (powder free and lightly powdered). You can also request JFH, as garden gloves wholesalers, to stock a particular type you cannot find on our website. Our quality gloves are ideal for many situations. We ensure they protect, provide comfort as well as safety. Our gloves are perfect for working in any weather, and for the majority of gardening tasks. JFH Horticultural is a trusted supplier of horticultural items to both gardeners and retailers. We have a highly satisfied customer base, which includes clients such as the National Trust, family-owned nurseries, wholesale tree merchants, supermarkets, and shrub growers. Satisfy your customer’s needs by using the best garden gloves wholesalers, JFH Horticultural. Browse our selection of gloves and protective clothing products to determine what you need for your projects. If you are unable to find the products you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to help source them for you. Give the team a call on 01270 212726, or email us at