Wholesale Compost Additives

Enhance your compost by using products from our compost additives range. JFH Horticultural supply a number of wholesale compost additive options including vermiculite, horticultural grit, horticultural sand, and perlite to boost the growth of growing projects.
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Compost additives are essential to ensure soil quality. They can be used to create better drainage, optimum aeration and moisture retention in pots or containers and thus help prevent rotting of the root. There are different kinds of compost additives in our collection, all of which are available in different sizes and quantities depending on you and your customer’s growing requirements. In promoting healthy root growth, they are among the best. Our compost additives will take care of all your soil needs. JFH Horticultural is one of the best reputed horticultural suppliers in the industry. We supply a wide range of retailers and gardeners from the National Trust to family-owned nurseries. We also have a number of wholesale tree merchants on our client list, as well as high street supermarkets, and shrub growers. Our products come with a guarantee of quality and are sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry. Having supplied professional growers for over 40 years, we have a firm idea of the requirements of our customers and any hurdles they might face. Our experience has helped us to create a winning solution to ensure success for growers on any scale big or small. Satisfy the needs of your customers from the best wholesale compost additives supplier, JFH Horticultural. Browse our collection of compost additives to detect which product best suits your requirements. If you aren’t sure which products you may require, don't hesitate to contact us and we will help advise you. Call our team on 01270 212726 or email us at