Solenoid Valve Suppliers

Among the tools required for a well-equipped irrigation system are the irrigation solenoid valve, solenoid valve, and solenoid coil, all available from JFH Horticultural. As trusted solenoid valve suppliers, we can provide wholesale solenoid valves to you at competitive prices.
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A solenoid valve is different in character from regular valves, being electromechanically operated. They are more powerful and can be used to mix fluids, and require solenoid coils to perform. We have a wide range of solenoid valves. We include angle valve, globe valve, latching coils, two-way solenoid coil, and three-way solenoid coil among the options available. Solid build and high-quality materials make them durable and a must-have in a complex irrigation system. JFH Horticultural have earned the trust of gardeners and retailers through our years as one of the best suppliers of solenoid valves and other horticultural products. We are proud to have clients such as the National Trust, big name supermarkets, shrub growers, wholesale tree merchants and nurseries as part of our customer base.   With over forty years of experience in the industry, this has helped us fully understand the needs of our customers, so we are perfectly placed to help you with your requirements. Our team can help you with all kinds of product queries and point you in the right direction with irrigation products that will best serve you and your customers. Satisfy your customers with products from trusted solenoid valve suppliers, JFH Horticultural. Check our selection of solenoid valve and solenoid coil to decide on your requirements. If you’re unsure what products you need, then get in touch and we can help you out. Contact us on 01270 212726, or email the team at [email protected]