Controlled Release Fertilisers Wholesalers

JFH Horticultural can help you boost the growth of your plants with controlled-release fertilisers. These products help provide a steady supply of nutrition to your plants throughout the growth cycle, ensuring successful growth.
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As controlled release fertiliser wholesalers, we can provide fertiliser products to you in a range of sizes and quantities depending on your requirements. Our controlled release fertilisers act effectively like they are on a timer, releasing high-quality nutrients to the root zone throughout the product's lifecycle. So, planters don't need to worry about periodic fertilising. We have many kinds of fertilisers suitable for different growing situations. Some are specialised for bedding plants, where others are for autumn bedding. We have some special fertilisers that are specially made for pot plants and container plants. Multicote 4, for example, is most suited to bedding plants, autumn bedding, containers, pot plants, pot bedding plants, whereas Multicote 12 is most suited to perennials, nursery stock liners and nursery stock potting. We supply controlled-release fertilisers of different sizes and quantities depending on your and your customer’s requirements. JFH Horticultural are one of the leading horticultural suppliers for both growers and retailers. Our customer base ranges from the National Trust to high street supermarkets, family-owned nurseries and shrub growers. Our products are of highest quality, being sourced from some of the best fertiliser manufacturers around. Having operated in the horticultural supply industry for more than four decades, we have vast experience concerning controlled-release fertilisers and other horticulture products. We are well aware of grower’s requirements and the challenges they face and are therefore well placed to advise you any aspects of growing and fertilisers. Our expert team can advise you the best controlled release fertilisers for your requirements. If you are unsure what products you need or we don’t stock them, then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you. Give us a call on 01270 212726, or you can email the team at