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A quality hosepipe is a staple item for any grower and having one of decent length housed on a trolley keeps it all manageable. JFH Horticultural are wholesale hose suppliers and can provide suitable professional trolleys to accompany them.
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Among the required irrigation products we stock, we can supply the tricoflex hose and hose trolley. The tricoflex hose has multi-layer protection in its body, giving it superb kink resistance. The hose is pressure-resistant, and the superior interior design ensures maximum water flow. The hose is durable, and the outer layer is UV and abrasion-resistant. We are quality hose suppliers and can provide a professional hose trolley to carry a large amount of hose on its reel. The trolley is made from coated steel, so there is no fear of rust. The trolley is equipped with coupling and tires, so smooth driving is guaranteed. It can accommodate up to 80 to 120 metres of hose in the trolley depending on the diameter of the hose. JFH Horticultural have been a part of the horticultural supply industry for over four decades. Our client base includes wholesale tree merchants, supermarkets, shrub growers, family-owned nurseries and the National Trust.   Our extensive years of experience has provided us with the insight and expertise to understand the needs of our customers. Our team can advise on most horticultural questions and product ranges. Satisfy the requirements of your customers from the best hose suppliers, JFH Horticultural. Browse our range, including tricoflex hose to determine your needs. If you are unable to find what you need, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. Contact us on 01270 212726, or through email at [email protected]