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Pressure vessels are key to most irrigation systems and JFH can supply you with all you need to get set up. Our products include irrigation pressure gauges, irrigation pressure switches, braided hoses in addition to the all-important irrigation pressure vessel and spare membranes for those.
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A pressure vessel is connected to a pumped irrigation system to store pressurised water. If the water amount needed is small, the water will be supplied from the vessel rather than operating the pump. This helps reduce the number of times the pump needs to operate, as ideally electric pumps should not be used too frequently. We supply irrigation pressure vessels ranging from 60 litre to 200 litre in storage volume. We stock other related products, including the irrigation pressure gauge and irrigation pressure switch, which aid the automatic starting of pumps in response to drops in system pressure in a pressure vessel. All this irrigation technology is ideal for commercial nurseries, especially those using mist propagation systems where water nozzles operate for short periods of time frequently. JFH Horticultural are trusted suppliers to the horticultural supply industry. Our client list includes the National Trust, wholesale tree merchants, single variety shrub growers, high street supermarkets and family-owned nurseries. With over forty years experience in the business, we understand the requirements of our customers and can help you with any horticultural questions you may have.   Satisfy the needs of your customer with Pressure Vessel products from JFH Horticultural. Browse our collection of irrigation pressure gauge and irrigation pressure switch and other products to find the ones best-suited to your needs. If you are unable to find what you need, get in touch and we’ll do our best to source it for you. You can talk to us on 01270 212726 or email at