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Make the connection of irrigation products easy with our range of compression fitting products. JFH supply all the parts of an irrigation system that growers would need, including compression fitting and compression elbow products. We are quality compression fittings suppliers renowned for supplying them wholesale at competitive prices.
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Compression fittings are used to effectively join two pipes or tubes together; a must for a reliable irrigation system. Our wide range of products includes the compression elbow, compression cap, compression coupling, equal compression tee, compression reducing tee, and compression adapter. All our compression fitting products are essential to quality irrigation systems, and vital to the project you or your customers are working on. All products are made of Polypropylene and are designed in a way so that you don’t have to use glues or clamps. They are durable, meaning maintenance costs are minimised.       JFH Horticultural are considered one of the best and most trusted in the horticultural supply industry to gardeners and retailers alike. Our clients list includes wholesale tree merchants, shrub growers, family-owned nurseries, supermarkets, and also the National Trust.   With over 40 years supplying professional growers in the industry, we have a perfect understanding of the needs of our customers. Our team can advise you on the right products for all horticultural situations.   Satisfy the needs of your customers with the quality products from top compression fittings suppliers, JFH Horticultural. Browse our stock of compression fitting and compression elbow products, and see what is best for your needs. If you don't see the products you require, get in touch and we’ll do our best to source them for you. Contact us on 01270 212726 or send an email at [email protected]