Wholesale Cable Ties & Chain Lock

Undertaking large growing projects is never easier without proper use of plant ties. That is because providing support and proper spacing to your plants is crucial for healthy and robust plant growth in your nursery or garden centre.
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JFH Horticultural is one of the largest suppliers of plant tying materials including the Chain lock, anti-slip cord, cable ties, heavy duty tying tape, Hoop collar, staples for max tying machine, Holder bag for tying tube and many more. All these are available wholesale. Our products are top quality and provide excellent care and support to your plants and will ensure that they remain upright even in adverse weather conditions. 

Made from rubbery plastic, our chain lock is generally suitable for all types of needs. It is a very economical way of plant tying as it is durable, weather-resistant and reusable. It is also easy to cut into the required sizes. 
Our cable ties are an all plastic non-releasable tie, providing a fast and straightforward way of joining windbreaks and attaching products to wires. It is made of nylon making it a durable choice and comes in different sizes based on your preferences. 

Check out our extensive selection of wholesale cable ties and other plant tying materials. Make your order online or contact us on 01270 212726 if you have specific plant tying requirements that we don’t currently stock, and we’ll do our best to source them for you. Should you have any specific questions, you can also email the team