Whilst there may not be much growing in the garden this month, there are still plenty of jobs to keep avid gardeners busy. You can help your customers get back into the swing of things by stocking up on some handy products and tools.

A time for digging 

Provided the soil isn’t too hard, any areas of ground that are empty can be dug over and prepared for the coming months. Well-rotted manure or compost should be dug into the soil to improve its health and give plants the best possible conditions to thrive. If heavy rain is due, don't’ forget to remind your customers to cover their soil beds with a polythene sheet to prevent it getting waterlogged.

We stock a range of soil improvers and soil conditioners to meet your customers’ needs, from leading brands such as Clover. Clover blended farmyard manure is a completely natural and organic do-it-all garden fertiliser and soil improver. For really tough soil, Clover also offer an organic soil conditioner, which helps retain moisture in dry soils and improves drainage in heavy clay soils. It also acts to suppress common weeds. Both are ideal for digging into vegetable beds.

We also stock forks, rakes and hoes by Moorgeen, as well as heavy duty rigger gloves.

Irrigation spares 

The cold weather can be unkind to garden irrigation systems and pumps, with freezing temperatures causing joints to crack and seals to harden. If any of your customers left their systems outside over winter, they may well be in need of spare parts soon. It may also be worth checking your own irrigation system for any leaks. Our latest catalogue has a vast selection of piping, connectors, reducers and other parts in a range of sizes and materials to suit different irrigation systems. We have threaded, barbed and compression fittings in stock.

Finally, did you know that we stock garden centre trolleys? You may find that yours have started to show wear and tear after a wet and windy few months. Make it easy for your customers to pick up what they need and order some new trolleys from JFH today. Spend over £200 and take advantage of free shipping too.