It isn’t just tender young plants that can be affected by frost, with brown patches appearing between their leaf veins. A tough winter frost can even damage hardy evergreen plants, such as bay and pittosporum, making them also turn brown. Perennials, such as dahlias and canna, can become blackened by frost too, ultimately causing their stems to collapse.

For customers with sheltered spots in their garden or greenhouses, it’s simple enough to move vulnerable plants to where they will be better protected from frost. However not all of your customers will be so lucky and sometimes it simply isn't possible to uproot and move an entire collection of plants. That’s where stocking up on frost protection fleece comes in.

Spunbound UV polypropylene with laser welded joints means our frost protection fleece provides superior strength and durability when used to cover vulnerable plants. Not only will your customers’plants be protected from frost, but also wind and pest damage. This won’t be at the expense of light transmission either. It’s permeable nature also means moisture and humidity remain balanced.

This tough and effective fleece is available in 100 and 250 metre long rolls of different widths, from 1.5 to 10.5 metres. You also have a choice of weighting, 17 or 30 grams per square metre. Other rolls sizes are available on request to suit both the needs of your customers and of your nursery or garden centre.

Don’t forget to also stock up on suitable gloves and secateurs. Many an English garden is adorned with roses. However young plants can suffer from wind-rock as winter sets in, with winds picking up, shifting stems, and ultimately damaging roots.