JFH Horticultural Supplies: Your Ultimate Pruning Companion

JFH Horticultural Supplies: Your Ultimate Pruning Companion

When it comes to pruning, every professional gardener knows the importance of having the right tools for the job. That's where JFH Horticultural Supplies comes in. With over 60 years of experience, JFH has been supplying professional growers with the finest tools and equipment in the industry. From Felco secateurs to Tina knives, JFH offers a wide range of high-quality products trusted by gardeners worldwide. This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of Felco secateurs and Tina knives and how they can enhance your pruning experience. So, whether you're a seasoned florist or an enthusiastic amateur, JFH has you covered.

The Perfect Pruning Tool: Felco Secateurs


Felco secateurs have earned a reputation as the go-to pruning tool for many gardeners. With a wide range of models to choose from, Felco secateurs are designed to meet every gardener's needs, whether they're dealing with young plants, well-established shrubs, or towering trees. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular models offered by Felco:

Felco 2 Secateurs: The Original Standard

Considered one of the best garden secateurs available in the UK, the Felco 2 Secateurs are the original standard secateurs from Felco. With robust steel anvil blades, these bypass secateurs make light work of heavy pruning tasks. The comfortable aluminium handles feature a red coating and a cushion shock absorber for hand and wrist protection. With a wire cutting notch, sap groove, and a cutting diameter of 1", the Felco 2 secateurs are a must-have for any gardener. Like all Felco secateurs, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Felco 4 Garden Secateurs: Classic Strong Pruners

If you have larger hands and need secateurs that can tackle thick branches, the Felco 4 Garden Secateurs are the perfect choice. These right-handed secateurs feature riveted anvil blades made of hardened steel, ensuring durability and strength. The non-slip coated aluminium handles provide a comfortable grip, making them ideal for home gardeners with larger hands. With a cutting diameter of 1" and the option to replace all parts, these classic garden secateurs are built to last.

Felco 6 Secateurs: Small Pruning Shears for Small Hands

If you prefer a lighter secateur, the Felco 6 Secateurs are the perfect choice. Designed for those with smaller hands, these bypass secateurs are lightweight yet robust. With a cutting diameter of 20mm, they are suitable for trimming hedges, pruning roses, and cutting back overgrown plants. The coated aluminium handles provide a comfortable grip, while the precision cutting head ensures accurate placement. These right-handed secateurs are guaranteed lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment for any gardener. 

Felco 7 Bypass Secateurs: Professional Quality

Professional gardeners often turn to the Felco 7 Bypass Secateurs for their pruning needs. These secateurs feature a unique revolving handle that helps distribute the load during pruning, reducing the required force. With forged aluminium handles, non-slip coating, high-quality hardened steel blades, and hand and wrist protection, the Felco 7 secateurs are some of the best on the market. Suitable for regular to large hands, these right-handed secateurs come with a lifetime guarantee.

Tina Knives: The Art of Grafting


In addition to Felco secateurs, JFH Horticultural Supplies also offers Tina grafting knives, renowned for their excellence in the art of grafting. Grafting is a technique gardeners use to combine the desirable traits of two different plants into one. Tina grafting knives are designed to make precise cuts, ensuring successful grafting. Here are some of the popular Tina knives available:

Pruning in Winter: A Guide to Using Felco Secateurs and Tina Knives

Pruning in winter is essential for maintaining the health and shape of your plants. You can ensure optimal growth and flowering in the coming seasons with the right tools and techniques. Here are some tips on how to use Felco secateurs and Tina knives for winter pruning:


  • Choose the Right Tool: Select the appropriate Felco secateurs or Tina knives based on the size and type of branches you'll be pruning. Consider the cutting diameter, handle size, and whether you need left-handed or right-handed tools.
  • Clean and Sharpen: Before starting, make sure your tools are clean and sharp. Use a Felco sharpening stone or a Tina knife sharpener to maintain a sharp cutting edge for clean and precise cuts.
  • Identify Dead or Diseased Branches: Remove any dead or diseased branches first. Use your Felco secateurs or Tina knife to make clean cuts above the branch collar.
  • Prune for Structure: Prune to maintain the desired shape and structure of your plants. Remove any crossing or crowded branches to improve air circulation and reduce disease risk.
  • Encourage Growth: Pruning in winter stimulates new growth in the coming seasons. Make strategic cuts to encourage branching and direct growth in desired directions.
  • Grafting Techniques: If you're interested in grafting, winter is an ideal time to practice this technique. Use your Tina grafting knife to make precise cuts and combine different plant varieties.
  • Clean and Maintain: After pruning, clean your tools and apply a light oil coating to prevent rust. Store them in a dry and secure place until their subsequent use.

Remember, pruning in winter requires careful consideration and knowledge of plant species and their specific pruning requirements. For more clarification, consult a gardening expert or refer to plant-specific pruning guides.


With JFH Horticultural Supplies, you can trust that you use the best tools for your pruning needs. Whether you choose Felco secateurs or Tina knives, you'll benefit from these brands' exceptional quality and craftsmanship. From small pruning shears for delicate tasks to heavy-duty secateurs for demanding pruning jobs, JFH has a wide range of options to suit every gardener. So, equip yourself with the right tools and enjoy the art of pruning with confidence and precision. Happy gardening with JFH Horticultural Supplies!

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